mardi 16 avril 2019

Marina di S. Margherita

After nice sailing from Varazze to Portofino, partly with strong wind NE, then nothing and then wind SE. Around 5 nothing so back on engine. Sailed into the port of Portofino, practically empty! Lined with restaurants.
Too much noise so we attached to a buoy in the next little bay. Very quiet, had some dinner and sleep.
Next morning plan to go back to Portofino, put air into the tender and ready to go.
Except the engine was completely blocked, no way to turn it.
Then came the boat of the Guardia Costiere telling us that we cannot attach to a buoy. Told them, engine problem. They could not help or tow us. Hardly any wind, so we tried to sail to the next port.
Speed 0,002 kn. In the end put the outboard on the dinghy, tied it to the side of the boat and pulled slowly yo Santa Margherita. We called them and the came out to pull us to a berth. The port was destroyed in October and work going on. So the port very empty.
Started to take the front of the engine apart. Looks like bearing gone on the seawater pump. Called Volvo dealer in next port Rapallo (totally destroyed  in October). The mechanics came and found the same, took the pump with them for repair. Hope to get it back in a day or two.
Helene went to take some pictures and here they are.
Morning of the 17th the mechanics arrived with the renovated pump. 30 min. installation and everything working again.
Ready to go to new adventures.

Arriving in the evening at Portofino and overnighting in the next bay

Roy et sa trotinette

dimanche 14 avril 2019

Varazze (Ligure)

Départ de Finale Ligure hier très tôt pour Roy. Donc 9:30.
D`abord au moteur et vers Savona avec un bon vent assez serré. Surpris par qlq rafales on a encore cassé un verre en mille morçeaux.
Arrivés au port de Varazze on découvre un lieu somptueux et très moderne, à part le wifi du port impeccable mais sans débit. Enfin plein de monde, weekend oblige.
En prévision de la tempête prévue pour dimanche nous avons décidé de rester 2 nuits.
La ville de Varazze est un petit bijou avec des maisons avec des trompes l`oeil de toute beauté.
Nous avons encore beaucoup marché /trottiné pour découvrir tous les trésors des ruelles.
Ce dimanche c`est les rameaux, donc beaucoup d`ambiance devant les nombreuses églises.

Hier soir et toute la nuit, pas de vent mais de la pluie en trombe et de l`orage. Ça a bien lavé le bateau. Ce matin vers 11h, le vent c`est subitement levé en force et durera toute la nuit.
Les mâts chantent et les bataux dansent.

En route de Finale Ligure vers Varazze

Petite demeure au port de Varazze


vendredi 12 avril 2019

Alassio to Finale Ligure

We were not supposed to leave Alassio today because of the weather.
This morning we went to do some food shopping in Alassio. However after a long long walk we got to the village, basically a tourist trap. No supermarket, oh yes we found a tiny shop that sold food stuff, but nothing we could need. So we had a coffee and walked back to the port.
And thus we left.
The wind looked nice, sea ok and even some sun.
After 3/4 hour the wind dropped to 0, thus back on the engine with a strong sea on the bow.
Gradually more wind, and some more and some more sea, up to 24 kn.
So we headed for the next port, Finale Ligure. No point overdoing things.
Once moored and water and electricity working, we went to town for a long walk to get some food. We were lucky... there was a super market, with all goodies we needed. And we walked back.
So we had a drink, and dinner.
Alassio looking post over the port

Alassio Art-Deco villa

Archimede at Alassio port
Looking beyond

During the night the Alps got a new white cover (of snow).
Tightening the Genua

Finale Ligure an "old" concrete castle

jeudi 11 avril 2019

To Alassio

We left San Remo after waterpump repair, fill up on diesel and water and off we went in the pissing rain and... no wind.

Leaving Sankt Remos
Anchor and eat at Imperia
Palmida fresh Sashimi

Porto Alassio

mardi 9 avril 2019

San Remo Chantier Naval

Partis de St Jean le dimanche et arrivés San Remo l`apres midi.
Le lendemain apres midi sorti de l`eau et le mardi 2 couches d`anti fouling.
Encore un fuite d`eau à la pompe à réparer. Et le moteur fait encore parfois chier pour démarer.

Dernier vue du port St Jean
La sortie de l`eau

Madame à la 2eme couche

lundi 11 mars 2019

Last preparations St Jean

Adding another solar panel to make 200W. Oil changes for engine and inverter.
Moving and storing our belongings.
Next stop San Remo to take the boat out and paint 2 coats of anti-fowling and fix new anodes.
Our last port in France, St-Jean Cap Ferrat.

lundi 18 février 2019

Archimede the boat

Archimede at Cap Ferrat the point of depart of our voyage.
A 8,50 Jeanneau Espace 800 with furling sails, a 30 hp Volvo engine, exceptionally well designed living space and accommodation.
A solid yacht.
Last preparations are under way, life raft,  sails checking and repair, additional sun panel, new batteries, inflatable life vests, engine oil change, new anti fowling and all the little details to repair and make better.