lundi 17 juin 2019

St Maria di Leuca

We sailed from Gallipoli with a nice breeze at 90 degree. We had to do max sailing and minimal engine. Before leaving 1 l of cooling fluid had disappeared and I found 30cl of water in the oil pan. Clear indication of a leak in the head joint.
We still had to do another 3 hours of engine before we lanes in the marina st maria de Leuce.
Next day find a mecano to take the engine apart.

The head off, 3rd piston a bit eaten

The exhaust water exchange destroyed
The pro mechano took the engine head off, however the joint was ok.
Mistery. Later his boss came to show me the exhaust exchange which was "eaten" away between cooling water and exhaust. A big mess and needs replacement.
The cost? 2200€ and 5 days waiting for the spare parts. Stuck in a rut.
Abide time shop and swim and wait.
And now some photos of Marina di Leuca.

This town has tons of private villas and only 3 small supermarkets.

Finally Tuesday 25th at noon the mechanics arrived with the replacement parts and around 2:30 the engine was running beautifully. Paid 2000 eu and now we can plan to leave for Corfu.
Today and tomorrow its blowing at 27kn, but we see an opening for Thursday.

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